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Is your Sunday School Sick?
Visitation Program Fruitless?
Perhaps we can help.
Wright Track Ministries

Truly it is a sad fact that most of our Southern Baptist Sunday Schools and visitation programs are in decline. Although there are various reasons, the main one  is because they are not organized to grow. Because of a deep burden to see this trend reversed, Wright Track Ministries was founded in 1990 by Noel Wright.

  This ministry has served over 350 churches and associations in twenty states. In each, a plan was presented through the format of a Sunday School Challenge Revival. The "pure" basics of growth and visitation through the Sunday School was emphasized.

  This ministry also provides many materials, booklets, etc. to aid churches and individuals in their desire to reach and disciple their community through Sunday School. These items have been developed and proven through years of highly successful use in hundreds of Southern Baptists churches.

Pastoral Testimonials

Christopher Burns, "I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for coming to our church and sharing your heart.  I believe that you "hit the nail on the head."  It is my prayer that we will take your information and put it to work. Please come and see us again as soon as you get the chance. Your Brother."

Tim Driskell, "Thanks again so very much for coming to Rocky Knoll Baptist Church last month! We had "High Attendance Day" on October 15 with 505 present, 2250 contacts made, and 4 new Christians!....We have also started a new outreach emphasis using your Color Coded Card System and emphasizing Sunday School enrollment. Since the start of September, we have a net Sunday School enrollment increase of 29 and Outreach participation has increased by 50%!"

Rodney Bowling, "Since you were with us 30 months ago, our enrollment in Sunday School has gone from 250 to over 900! Our average attendance has gone from 160 to 310! Baptisms have increased from 11 to 70!"

Harold King, "In the twenty months since you were with us, we have gone from an average of 145 to 310. My family and I moved into a new home because the church needed the pastorium for Sunday School rooms!"

Ronnie Owens, "The week before you came we had 6 at visitation.....the week after 115!"

Guy Estave, "For over seven years our visitation program averaged two or three people each week. Since your conference we have averaged between 32 and 46. Truly God has used you to move our people out from the pews and into the fields." 

Bill Street "We expected rules, but we experienced revival."

Dickie Sprago "Of all the revivals or training events that we have had, none have ever had the impact your ministry has. I know that I personally will not be the same because of your influence. We have had over thirty people commit to coming to church-wide visitation every week, when before we had no real organized time of church-wide outreach. I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Tommy Stacy "In all the Sunday School growth conferences that I have attended, yours is the first one that got straight to the heart of the matter. It is Biblical, it is sound, and it is simple."

Charles Hutzler "There is no doubt in my mind that God's anointing is on you and what you are doing to help awaken His churches to fulfill their mission and to give them a tool with which to do it."

Mike Priest "Our Sunday School has been revitalized. Since you were with us, we have created four new classes and have immediate plans for several more. Last February our church averaged 106 in Sunday School, but this February we averaged 168! Our highest attendance was 178. That is the most we have had in Sunday School in eight years."

Max Roden "God really used you here in a true revival sense. We were focusing on Sunday School, but real revival was the result." 

Guy Hughes "At our first organized visitation, thirty-six people enrolled thirty-two in Sunday School."

Danny Garrett "My heart for Sunday School had radical surgery when I first heard you at Forestville. Your coming to Cudd Memorial Baptist Church has been the same.  You found us in a near state of "emergency" with just barely a pulse. It is my prayer that your "house call" will have life changing, soul saving results and that our "heart rate will soon be healthy!"

A special Thank You to the following men of God who have been kind enough to endorse Wright TRACK Ministries 

Dr. Robert Pitman  Evangelist Leon Kilbreth
Dr. Adrian Rogers Dr. Steve Wilkes
Dr. B. Gray Allison  Evangelist Junior Hill